Comparisons for marriage and romance

Vedic Hellenistic and western charts used.

Comparisons for business

personal charts compared to charts for corporations or businesses.

“Cold Readings” five charts read“cold” without knowing any personal details about the life: Vedic, Hellenistic, and western. This reading lays out the gifts of the client: what they are talented at; also what they are wasting their time doing; it discusses good events in their lives and traumatic events; it also gives exact timing for the year ahead. This reading is 300 dollars an hour. If more time is wanted an increment is paid.For two hours 600 dollars. The fees are due to the time-intensive nature of the preparation work-usually about four hours beforehand.


what happens to the client of the” relocate” to another place. The angles and aspects of the charts are magnified in a different way and this changes when the location is different. This chart helps the client judge this.

Charts of the leaders and populations of countries.

A reading discussing what is going on in the leader of that country’s chart and the timing for the country for the year ahead.

A reading of the body

how do you function physically? How can you work with your temperament to be more in sync with your natural bent?

Reading a jury

Can be called in to read the physical attributes of a jury to -from their physical appearance read some insights of character, If the birthdays of the people are known their character can be discussed. Also, the chart of when a case starts offers clues to the atmosphere of the trial. The chart of the judge.Useful for gaming what style to pitch a case with.

Putting teams together for corporations or businesses.


doing sophisticated workups of high-value subjects.

Vedic readings

reading the Rashi and navamsa charts for the character; yogas for various gifts and qualities. This is an in-depth character reading which has some timing prediction in it.

Charts of newborns

without being intrusive how can parents best work with the attributes of their child to help them become themselves? Deals with the temperament, body, gifts, etc of the child.

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