Maralyn uses charts from these four astrologies to give her clients insight into the future:

Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology is a four thousand year old ancient astrology that originated in India. The manuscript translations mainly used are the works of sages: Parshara and Jaimini.

British Horary Astrology

The astrology where a question is asked and using certain rules is answered from things in the chart. The chart is cast for the location of  the person asking the question. In India they call such charts; “Prashna charts” and they use western aspects which they call “Tajika aspects”.

Hellenistic Astrology

An astrology which came out of Egypt and was used in classical Greece – using primarily the manuscripts of the astrologer, Vettius Valens but includes those of others from this era

Western Astrology

The way Maralyn notates a chart comes from the Brits who trained her in their notation system but almost all of what she does is from her research carried out over more than thirty five years.This is what she uses for her business clients.

The heavens above reflect that which happens on Earth.

Astrological Offerings

Individual Readings

The “cold reading”, this is a reading using charts from: Vedic, Hellenistic and Western astrology and is a massive reading on what makes a person tick.

Corporate Readings

Useful for planning if the company should be cautious or expand: to see the broad future ahead.

Headhunter Astrology

Reading charts for their picks to winnow for gifts and flaws.

Astrology for Attorneys

Juries read for facial features and the appearance read backwards for character traits; doing the charts of the opponent, their counsel and the judge.

Some of Maralyn's Predictions

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There have been two large earthquakes this week (Jan 16, 2021) and my earthquake prediction was accurate indeed: one January 7, 2021 Kermadec Islands,...

Changes In The Stockmarket: An Unraveling

We will see an unraveling in the value of oil which will begin immediately and continue:the value of oil will retreat in a serious...

A Big Picture (01-22-2020)

A chart I ran for China shows that it will not recover its economy for the entire year. This means the Chinese buyer for...