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In-depth Astrology Chart Reading

Maralyn Burstein uses four,completely different astrologies,in tandem for the benefit of her clients. Each of the astrologies are vast and contain many charts except for ;”horary astrology”which is merely the charts of questions. These four astrologies she uses are: vedic-from India, Hellenistic, from classical Greece; Western Astrology-european astrology set up in modern times and British Horary Astrology-using the manuscript of William Lilly of the Seventeenth Century in England-the charts of questions.

She uses these four astrologies for the benefit of her clients: creating readings that cover matters her clients need. These readings are created with charts from these four astrologies where each astrology has a close focus. This allows here to create readings of which create alot of depth since the charts she choses to create these specific readings offer different close focuses. Most astrologers only offer their clients expertise in one or two astrologies at most. Maralyn is known for her expertise in four.

Western Astrology

Western Astrology is useful for the physical characteristics of the individual; for prediction-where it is excellent and for describing large mechanisms which do not have free will like the conditions of countries, the weather, earthquakes and other matters.It gives a close focus on these but is next to useless for character where it is close to functioning like a cartoon. Compared to Vedic or Greek Astrology for character it is shockingly lacking.

Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology is a four thousand year old astrology which is sophisticated in every way and is too vast to fully describe. Each region in India and families have their own particular trade secrets which are not shared. There are so many kinds of charts and techniques they are infinite.
Vedic Astrology is not exceptional for timing but it is superlative for describing the”gifts people are born with; whether they will have a tendency to be rich or poor, their health-to some extent; their psychology-whether they are strong emotional or weak-if there are character problems; the problems that will be encountered in marriage and romance and some broad timing which is different than Western Astrology.

Hellenistic Astrology

Hellenistic Astrology-from Classical Greece around 400 B.C.-allegedly which came from Egypt offers a superlative system for timing and for seeing some attributes of character like fame.

Horary Astrology

Horary Astrology is the charts of questions. The rules of William Lilly the Seventeenth Century astrologer are primarily used. The client posts a question at a specific time and place and the chart of it can be analyzed for an answer.

Meet Maralyn Burnstien

An astrology reading with a clear map

Four astrologies in tandem because each astrology has a close focus and a distortion-buy yoking them together for the benefit of the client I give the client depth and many different facets of information reflected in the different charts I put together in their reading.In this I am unique because most astrologers can’t offer expertise in this way of reading. They only know one astrology.

Types of Astrology Readings

Astrology charts -t hey are large concepts that are particular to different countries within which there are many charts, except for horary astrology-which is an astrology where questions are cast for the time of the question and the chart is “read”.

Personal Reading

Personal readings can give you a clear road map to the year ahead. Life presents many challenges and decisions one has to make. A reading can liberate you from the weight of not knowing. This can be enlightening.

Business Reading

Work with headhunters for team character assessment, lawyers for jury selection or determining the right time to launch your new product. Year project for business and finances also available