Maralyn Burstein grew up in Washington D.C.She went to a high school for the arts: Interlochen Arts Academy where she majored in:Poetry, Voice, Piano and Violin.She studied Poetry at Goddard College briefly:studying with many famous poets.Eventually she obtained her B.A. and M.A. in British Literature from George Washington University.

She studied by correspondence with the "Faculty of Astrological Studies" which was,at the time the best school for western astrology in the world.She got up to the doctoral leval and then quit. ​

For some ten years she attended yearly seminars at an Indian ashram in the Poconoes,Arshya Vidya Gurukulum where she took lengthy seminars with such famous Vedic astrologers as:K.N. Rao,Vinay Aditya,Gayatri Vasadev,and and others of their ilk.

She also traveled to take seminars in Vedic Astrology elsewhere.​

After this she went to Oxford,England where she met John Frawley,an expert on Horary Astrology:the astrology of questions-who taught her to use the techniques of the seventeenth astrologer,William Lilly.She studied with him and received his certificate by correspondence..

She began to obtain manuscripts that were translated of astrologers from:Egypt,Greece,Europe,Indian and Arab civilizations.She traveled and attended many conferences in an attempt to learn the techniques of the manuscripts but.eventually she taught herself these techniques over much time . ​

Now after many years of research she offers her clients her own field:"Comparative Astrology"four astrologies used in tandem.Each astrology has a close focus where it excels and a distortion by using them in tandem readings of good depth are possible.This makes her unique. ​

These astrologies are: Vedic Astrology, the astrology of India, Western Astrology, Hellenistic Astrology, the astrology of classical Greece, and British Horary Astrology: The astrology which casts charts of questions and answers them using techniques of William Lilly, an astrologer from 17th century England.

Hellenistic Astrology

Hellenistic Astrology was brought from Egypt to Greece, allegedly around 400 B.C. where the Greeks brought about refinements to the knowledge like inventing the houses.The greatest of them all was: Vettius Valens an Egyptian jew who, according to him walked across the desert from Egypt and came to Greece. His manuscripts show an astrologer of cast sophistication whose, numerous, techniques, are mind boggling. Valens excelled at describing the means of seeing if an individual would be famous and offering a myriad of techniques that no other astrologer discovered for what would befall a person.

From Vettius Valens, Hellenistic Astrologer, translated by Professor Mark Riley

"Now then, for those born during the day: if the sun is found in Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius, it is best for it to be at an angle. If it follows an angle, and if the stars of its sect are similarly situated, and if Mars is not in opposition or in square, then will be considered to be indicative of good fortune. "

"If the benefics are in the Sign of the Good Daimon, located in their proper places and in their proper faces, they make men illustrious and rich from youth"

Horary Astrology​

Horary Astrology is the astrology where an individual asks a question and using certain rules, the astrologer is able to answer it. She uses the rules of William Lilly to interpret them. She uses these charts sparingly to her clients -usually along with other types of charts, because she does not want to be a fortune teller. They confirm things she finds elsewhere but sometimes are useful for specific matters. These kinds of charts are used in India and are called "prashna charts".

Vedic Astrology​

Vedic Astrology is a four thousand year old ancient astrology that originated in India. The manuscript translations mainly used are the works of sages: Parshara and Jaimini. Vedic Astrology is superlative at describing gifts a person has, whether they will be famous, the kind of person they will marry, the kind of career that they will have, describes their family, and describes their health-or whether they will end up in danger.

Western Astrology

The way Maralyn notates a chart comes from the Brits who trained her in their notation system but almost all of what she does is from her research carried out over more than thirty five years.This is what she uses for her business clients. Her Twitter is followed by many traders who have verified her predictions for the stock market and large trends.

She divides her time between business clients and doing personal readings for clients like the reading she calls a "cold reading" where a client is given a reading "cold" with Maralyn asking only the birth data before preparing her charts.This reading has some Vedic charts, a chart which describes the way the person operates physically and two predictive charts.

What is Astrology?

Astrology is a knowledge used by humankind for centuries whose origin is a mystery.We can put dates to some civilizations who appeared to have originated particular refinements to it and this will have to suffice.The best Astrologies are abstruse and traditional in nature.The idea of it is:the heavens above reflect that which happens on Earth: "as above so below"

We do not know who originated astrology. The origins of it are covered in the "mists of time" but what we do know is it is a system which offers rules for drawing up charts-diagrams of the positions of planets at a given location whereby the astrologer can describe events on earth. There are many types of astrologies and each has its own kinds of specific charts. The cultures offered astrologies that differ and have some similarities in common.It could be described as a symbolic language of the planets and stars in the sky. The more ancient astrologies are the best.They offer a sophistication to be marvelled at. Vedic and Greek Astrology offers techniques which are so abstruse they could not have been derived by humans. The scope of them is too vast and too exact to be so.

Great thinkers have included astrology in their "tool kit". Such people as: Pathagorus, Galileo, Copernicus,Kepler, Leonardo Di Vinci, Culpepper, Chaucer, Shakespeare, and Yeats. When "Science" and" Reason" came in replacing it the world began to lose the knowledge.The positive attributes of it were no longer understood. A "dark ages" subsumed the field. Of course much of the ancient knowledge was lost when the Library of Alexandria was sacked. The later astrologers of value like William Lilly were subsumed in the twentieth century by those who wanted to not bother with the previous astrological canon they just wanted to offer clients a simplified version that had few techniques which were viable. The field now has few intellects. The endarkenment is, almost, total.

Although astrology has something in common with: music, mathematics, science and other abstract theories it is unique in the way it can predict the future-so as to warn of harm to come, describe character in depth on all manner of levels, inspire faith because it's charts are always viable, and offer comfort to all. It will never be like any other field.

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