Astrology is a symbolic language and can be used to predict, in a way analogous to many other “scientific systems”, like quantum physics or even chemistry.
Astrology is a symbolic language which involves the actual movement of the planets and constellations in the sky. It works, because the universe is one vast web, where all realities and time are connected into one unit, on a composite internal, spiritual and virtual level. Astrology can describe this web like no other field, but has in common with science, a backbone in its underlying structure of numerical patterns which are complicated, abstruse and elegant. The origins of astrology will never be known.
On my father’s side, I descend from a line of Hassidic Jews: mysticism runs in my family: my great, great, grandfather, Rabbi Pesach Hersh Orimland, of Kamin Kashierski, Poland, his daughter, Rachel, my grandmother, and her son, my uncle Morris Burstein, were Kabbslists that followed this tradition. Many of the secrets passed down were lost, because my great, great, grandfather was slaughtered in Poland. His daughter, my grandmother, Rachel, probably was knowledgeable about some of it.
"By reading of your chart, your life is not random and if this is so, then this shows you are not living in a random universe, and there is order in your life. This should bring you comfort”. Giving this message is the mission of my life, one person at time, but I would very much like to inspire my readers to learn to practice this knowledge, so they may see the meaning of their lives for themselves.