Hellenistic Astrology

Hellenistic Astrology, the astrology of classical Greece that may have been brought to Greece from Egypt or may have originated from Greek philosophers in Greece. We are not completely sure of either theory’s accuracy. This astrology which is set in the tropical zodiac is as sophisticated as Vedic astrology and is highly useful for: character, prediction of many types-there are numerous predictive charts available within it. Also its ways of judging a chart are wholly different than any other astrology and this way of reading a chart is a big deal: it offers exact information.It covers things Vedic Astrology doesn’t touch in the techniques it offers which are as sophisticated as Vedic astrology.

Maralyn uses the manuscripts primarily of Vettius Valens for her work in this genre but also uses ideas from many other greek and some Arabic astrologers in her work, Valens had some remarkable work for summing up a life that are his own discovery. Valens claimed he spent many fruitless years until he found an astrologer who taught him the techniques he sought for his whole life. Valens offers technique about which there is no flaw. They always work impeccably.

Maralyn is an expert in the ideas of Valens and has spent many patient years learning his techniques. He deliberately obscured them from bad people with riddling instructions. Due to this there are few alive that can work astrological charts using Valens techniques which are excellent for character and prediction. He judged the status of a life by the set up of three main planets: the Sun,Jupiter and Saturn by day and: Mars, Venus and the Moon if they were born at night. These were called the “sect leaders” – these three planets are like the Moiras who spin the fortunes of humankind. These sect leaders are the pillars of a life. His manuscripts offer hundreds of charts and numerous techniques. Some of them may never be fully decoded due to the difficulty of his ideas. This would please him. He placed a curse on his writings that those who sought his idea for evil would be cursed.