Vedic Astrology is a four thousand year astrology of India.It was allegedly created by spiritual prodigies called:”seers”who allegedly received divine knowledge directly.The two most famous of them are:sages Jaimini and Parashara.Parshara’s opus called the”Brihat Parshara Hora Sastra”is the primary basis for vedic astrology describing how vedic charts are created in great detail.Sage Jaimini’s ideas offer complexities of character analysis with techniques and a shorthand for each planet’.Vedic Astrology is the best astrology for describing character;gifts an individual has in great detail;the soundness of an individuals psyche;it shows patterns called”yogas”:which are the yoking of planets and what they rule to form a large structure;it has lunar mansions which color how a planet exprsses itself as each planet can only shine its light through the particular image of the nakshatra it is in:an example of this would be:the moon in the nakshatra,utterabhadrapada whose image is a funeral cot,the person that has this placement might be a cancer researcher who “kills”bad cells or they might detonate old buildings for a living.

Jaimini Astrology which is an elaborate way of studying charts which is unique to it is also remarkable and offers its own refinements that offer information from vedic charts no other astrology can give.In it,for example an astrologer can tell from the standing of a planet how likely a good effect will be so for example if Mars is strong in the harmonic and rashi chart of an individual their siblings are likely to be smart and brave.If Venus is strong in their charts their love life is likely to be good and they are likely to be really gifted in art.There are ascendants created in this system which offer alot of depth about how someone appears to be,as opposed to what they really are.

This is just a brief overview of this superlative astrology so you,the client can see how helpful it is to describe your gifts and character in a way like no other,There are umpteen”harmonic charts”in vedic astrology:essentially a harmonic chart for whatever the astrologer seeks like the navamsha chart for showing the kind of marriage partner an individual is likely to get and many strong gifts they have.

It is also a much better astrology for judging the soundness of a potential marriage or business partner.Maralyn uses it in such matters with the astrologies she uses because it shows strengths and weakness of character like no other astrology.Western astrology cannot offer any of this depth.Compared to it western astrology is like a cartoon compared to the”novel”vedic astrology gives.Western astrology has its uses and is valuable to the practise but it does not excel at character depiction.The right tool for the right job is chosen.Each astrology Maralyn uses offers its own close focus and its own distortion.This is why they are used in tande.