Western Astrology

Western Astrology is an astrology set in the tropical zodiac which is a pale reflection of earlier traditional astrologies but serves a useful purpose for the temperment of the body and for prediction, where it is better at it than vedic astrology. It comes down to us at a far remove from the astrologers who originated many of its techniques. Which can sometimes mean we use techniques which work but we don’t have a logic for why this is so. We have to go back to the earlier astrologies to figure this out.

Its current form is much like a game of telephone where one person passes on a message to another person and they, in turn, pass it on to another after them. The original message gets changed as it goes along and the person at the end of that chain has a garbled message.

Thus western astrology is like a cartoon rendition of the character of an individual. It simply doesn’t hold a candle to the superlative depth of information given in hellenistic or Vedic astrology: it is like a cartoon in this way.

It is excellent for prediction and it is excellent for describing the temperament of the body:it explains how someone operates. Are they going about things in too slow a manner and need to speed up their rate of speed? Are they going too slow and getting mired? Are they so fast they are not thinking clearly? They would then need to be told to access their talents it is best to slow down their pace. This is a useful subject this astrology gives clues about.

Maralyn uses it for these purposes as part of her large model where all the charts of the four astrologies have a serious use.