British Horary Astrology

An astrology of the type developed by the British Astrologer,William Lilly in the seventeenth century where a chart is created of a question.Using specific rules a chart is cast at the time and location of the person asking a created.Sometimes it is cast by the astrologer judging it for the latitude and longitude of their location at the time they receive the question.

Maralyn uses the rules of William Lilly because he was the best horary astrologer of his time and his rules for judging a horary chart are tried and true.

Horary charts are cast in many other cultures for the same purpose but follow different rules.In India indians use large aspects which they call”tajika aspects”.Indians call horary charts of questions:”Prashna charts”.They use large aspects like those in western astrology but in India they call them:”tajika aspects” to answer them.Of course their charts are cast in the sidereal zodiac unlike the zodiac used by William Lilly which was in the tropical zodiac.

The kinds of questions asked in Lilly’s day were serious ones as for example:”Will my loved one return from the sea?”Also many superficial horary charts were cast by him including the chart he  cast to find out the location of a thief who stole his fish and the condition of the fish.He has written up what happened:he found the thief’s house;the fish half eaten and,according to him,took it back,A very practical use for such charts.