I was one of the few handicappers who-two months before the election predicted she would lose to Donald Trump.I based this prediction on technical charts which showed it decisively.

I have written,ad nausium,to some,about my belief that eventually she will be:”brought to justice” and no doubt,here again,many don’t believe me.I always put my predictions in print because I am proud of my work and my track record.

I again reiterate,I believe,within the next six months that Ms. Clinton and her husband will be brought to justice.I have named her,sarcastically,the nickname;”Norma Desmond”because she is so desperate for fame and power she has forgotten her ethical base.Her abuse of power will be her;”undoing”.Karma will out.

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  1. I’m a big fan. You’re absolutely killin it Maralyn. I just have one question though- why the quotations for “undoing” in the #penultimate sentence?

  2. Yes, I must say I completely agree here ..an opinion that can get one witchhunted !

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