Day: June 4, 2011

Medical Metaphysics:Some Musings

   June,brings bodily affliction which can cause,sciatica,intestinal problems,lung ailments,and foot problems.    Care should be taken,when traveling about water,taken by mouth and shower.Bottled water is best,to avoid water bourne pathogens.Hands should be washed continuously after being in crowds.    To avoid pneumonia,which is high risk,through June,it is best to steam the head with a pot …

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There Be Monsters:Predictions Which Came True

  Many moons ago,in my business group:BNI Embarcadero,a group of  sixty business people who meet to help each other every week:a breakfast club,I predicted that on June 1st there would be a very large storm pattern.    My friend,Phil Siegal,the P.R. person in the group,mailed this prediction to the San Francisco Chronicle reporter, Lea Garchik,to …

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