My prediction given in print has come true.Now I am offering another one.Beginning in December ,2019 and going into 2020 there is the real chance that there will be many rare high magnitude earthquakes,large volcanoes-some accompanied by mudslides,rockslides and other kind of large earth changing events. I am pretty sure of this.We will see if […]

My predictions made before the Israeli election results were in and before the Gaza attacks began,in print was:Bibi Netanyahu will lose the election ;have a difficult few months and Israel will have a difficult few months. Bibi lost the election;Israel received many attacks and has been fighting hard since this prediction and today,November 21,2019 Bibi […]

Earthquake Monitor verifies a rare large earthquake-as I predicted in this small window which transpired on November 14 2019 in the Molucca Sea,Indonesia at M 7.0.

Yesterday I wrote on my Twitter feed that China is a “black swan”that will hit the markets about now.Watch as this begins to play out. This will have an explosive negative blowback on many kinds of stocks.

Last week on my Twitter I predicted that an unusual amount of high force would create larger than normal earthquakes.After the prediction a couple of leval six earthquakes occurred. I believe that in this small window to come-the next few weeks a rare,very large earthquake will occur.Large volcanic action could accompany it. In the week […]

Tomorrow there will be an important election in Israel which will decide if Bibi Netanyahu will remain in power.I decided to look at his chart and the chart of Israel. I am concerned that his power is precarious because of the hits to his astrological setup in the small window of a few months including […]

Recent predictions which I made in print on Twitter or this blog which came true are:the prediction at the beginning of the year there would be many large earthquakes;a plethora of volcanoes;that excessive rain would fall worldwide until,at least mid November;last week that there would be many strikes. Many of these were not made with […]

Yesterday Tim Cook launched many new products.I believe many of them will have glitches in them.The astrological chart of the launch implies that. I am also skeptical that the entertainment he is offering will have enough pizazz to compete with Apple’s competitors.

At the beginning of Spring I predicted to the commodity traders that like my work that an ongoing period of massive amounts of rain would continue though November.So far this has proven true with rain ruining the crops of many farmers as it progressed from Spring into Summer. My prediction written up at the beginning […]

This Saturday in Japan Xi and Trump square off on matters of national importance.Although we will know the particulars of all that transpires we know that China will not,willingly,give up whatever advantage they have won by guile and the United States will try not to let them keep it.While the trade talks have hung fire […]