Readers of my Twitter yesterday-saw my written prediction that Hillary Clinton would take a huge hit to her campaign from secrets being released in the next two weeks.I explained these secrets would be of a serious nature that would affect her more deeply than what has preceeded it. Today we find our the FBI has […]

Four days ago on Twitter I explained the Lehman Brothers Two pattern was about to be triggered in two days.Yesterday we saw that a large bank:aLehmanesque structure was in the spotlight:Wells Fargo will be investigation for criminal activities by the Attorney General of California for,alleged,”identity theft”and other activities. The pattern is holding up ,nicely,as a […]

Two days ago on my Twitter I pointed out to my followers that the Lehman Brothers Two pattern would be magnified today,October 18th 2016 and that I expected the pattern would offer new surprises. What happened? We found in the news about England that there is some question about whether “Brexit”is legal and that English […]

Since June 24th,2016 I brought to the notice of traders my theory that another iteration of Lehman Brothers would occur-due to the iteration of the pattern in the sky. I said that traders should beware bank stocks for this reason. Today,my theory has proven out:Deutche Bank is plummeting and Wells Fargo stocks are circling the […]

On the day of Brexit,June 24th 2016,I set forth my theory:The Lehman Brothers Two pattern:I began to formulate it when I realized that the same pattern which existed on the day when Lehman Brothers fell was plastered in the sky daily.What could this mean? I began to build my “proof”which has proven out. At first […]

Today I am pleased to take a victory lap for my capability:I predicted Brexit,yesterday on my Twitter.Moreover a long run of exact predictions occurred before this some of them as follows: I described Angela Merkal as incompetent I called Putin’s attack of the Ukraine I predicted Bill Clinton’s tarnishment I predicted last January-on my Twitter […]

Before the week of March 3rd to March 14th-I warned those following me that during this period they could be fooled by what appeared to be true.That they could make major mistakes. On March 11th I told trader friends,on my Twitter-I thought that there would be a big shift on oil.When pressed by one-I predicted […]

Not I predicted in print that Hillary Clinton would show great vulnerability in the window of:March 3rd to March 14th,2016. Last night Hillary got some direct hits to her protected persona when a reporter from Univision asked her point blank what she would do if she;”got indicted”She refused to answer this,reasonable,question. In the same event […]

A note here on March 10,2016-re:my predictions on Donald Trump and the nature of this week for traders. Let it be noted that on the weekend Donald Trump did not continue to Trump in state contests.He and Cruz tied on this.This is becase as I stated and predicted during this window he is astrologically weakened:March […]

Today a trader commented that his patterns looked like 2008 and I replied on Twitter,explaining that is because it’s the exact same chart of the day Lehman tanked:September 15 2008.He sees it from his lengthy patterns and I see it from a repetition of the exact same chart-which has gotten magnified by this weeks timings. […]