The 2020:Who Will Ultimately Be The President?

I knew,using a useful technique of a friend of mine who has passed over that Mr Biden was likely to have a brief turn as the putative,president:that he would briefly appear to be such.However,going one iteration beyond this following the planets controlling this setup UTTERLY,I have decided that Donald Trump will gain a second term… Continue reading The 2020:Who Will Ultimately Be The President?

Regarding my prediction made April 11, 2020: predicting: large fires, large earthquakes, military altercations and large volcanoes.

I am now updating my large fire predictions:180,00 acres have burned in Colorado this week from the big fires there.

Regarding My Prediction Made April 11, 2020 About: Large Fires, Volcanoes, Military Altercations and Large Earthquakes See a Ginormous Earthquake!

On October 19, 2020 there was a ,absurdly, large earthquake of a magnitude of: 7.5 at Sand Point, Alaska which prompted a tsunami warning because of it’s gigantic effect.

My Predictions on: Fires, Earthquakes and Large Military Fights Made August 11, 2020 – What Happened? Was I wrong?

On August 11,2020 on this blog I predicted there was a large risk of fires ,large earthquakes,volcanoes and big military fights.This was because the planetary setup was about as”fiery”as they come and I knew this astrological setup would come out in a big way.I was confident when I placed this prediction in print it would… Continue reading My Predictions on: Fires, Earthquakes and Large Military Fights Made August 11, 2020 – What Happened? Was I wrong?

The Corona Virus:My Take On What Happens

I believe once the testing in the U.S. begins the nation will be shocked to learn the virus is everywhere:widespread.Remember Xi allowed five million to leave Wuhan and make tracks to visit their relatives all around the world! Whatta guy! Since this was right before Chinese New Year and many had no,appreciable, symptoms to make… Continue reading The Corona Virus:My Take On What Happens

The Corona Virus:My Prediction

A few weeks ago when the coronavirus hit the press I predicted, in print, on Twitter, that it would be a”death-dealing””fast-moving virus” that would get stronger” and, possibly, morph around January 21st,2019.It has proven to be as deadly as I predicted and then some.

Hong Kong:A Change In Direction?

The chart set for August 21,2019 10;15 P.M. Hong Kong,China shows the magnification of the inception chart:when something begins:of Nationalist China is magnified for the next week.There will be some kind of change of direction in what is happening there that could lead to a large full on attack of the Hong Kong population. Moreover,regarding… Continue reading Hong Kong:A Change In Direction?

Earthquakes:My Accurate Predictions

Several months on twitter I predicted in print there would be many large earthquakes this year-coming up shortly.I added to this prediction a few weeks ago when I predicted volcanoes would start erupting. Since then in the past month more than twenty category five earthquakes have shown themselves and recently,in the past few days many… Continue reading Earthquakes:My Accurate Predictions

An Addendum:The Symbolism Just Came Alive:R.E.

This afternoon,June 28,2019 the news just happened about big changes in real estate and taxes posited:a capital gains program may be offered almost immediately by the government and,according to one reporter Fanny May and Freddy Mac may be taken private by an IPO brought about by Chase Bank.When we add this to what may happen… Continue reading An Addendum:The Symbolism Just Came Alive:R.E.

Worldwide Economic Downturn?

There is a temporary pattern just now that will affect the world economies in short order causing a quick contraction of many things worldwide.It will be only a week in duration but it’s effects will be like a “death ray”across nations.After it is over it will leave mortal  wound.Although it will go away quickly it… Continue reading Worldwide Economic Downturn?