J.P. Morgan

People who follow my blog have seen my accurate predictions on the timing of troubles with the fortunes of J.P.Morgan and Jamie Dimon,which were based using my expertise in Astrology.The point of posting them was to give a heads up to traders in the market that the large pattern system of astrology can add another… Continue reading J.P. Morgan

The Monetary Hammer:Explosive Negative Timings

Recently in this blog please read my prediction, written six months ago on J.P. Morgan having negative timing in mid May:we see this happened with Dimon’s board of trustees showdown and today’s news story which may be slanderous,of Bernie Madoff’s aspersions about J.P. Morgan supposedly having something to do with his criminality. I also predicted in… Continue reading The Monetary Hammer:Explosive Negative Timings

J.P. Morgan:Jamie Dimon:A Heading

Although Jamie Dimon is firmly at the helm of J.P. Morgan,in my opinion,this doesn’t mean this bank is out of the woods.Look for mid-August for the next problematic situation of the year. Yes,he is a genius but this doesn’t mean that he can control all the moving parts of his company. Whether,this next problem will… Continue reading J.P. Morgan:Jamie Dimon:A Heading

World Monetary Unwinding:The Next Six Months

Recently I have maintained radio silence on this blog because I have been pondering a large study I did of many interlocking charts.Some of these charts were the Obama inauguration chart,cast for Washington D.C.,the EU chart,Angela Merkel’s natal chart,and the charts of many countries whose monetary health I am deeply skeptical about. I cannot put… Continue reading World Monetary Unwinding:The Next Six Months

Myron Ullman:Prudent Helmsman:J.C. Penny’s New Leader

Kudos to the J.C. Penney board for their hire of Myron Ullman.They did the next best thing to hiring Superman. His chart,has magic in it.He is a man of :courage,patience,foresight,intuition,detail oriented yet able to see large patterns,driven to succeed,but has a cold eye intellectually,loves to restructure outworn ideas,has the spark to inspire people,is lucky,and was born to lead. You… Continue reading Myron Ullman:Prudent Helmsman:J.C. Penny’s New Leader

Ron Johnson’s Fashion and Taste Black Swan

It all began with Sarah Jessica Parker’s fashion stylings in”Sex and The City”:women everywhere wanted to acquire everything shown in her world because they so identified with her characters and began to feel that expensive fashion should be there due. Women began to walk on shoes the height of minature skyscrapers and expect fashion from Barneys. When… Continue reading Ron Johnson’s Fashion and Taste Black Swan