Day: June 20, 2011

Vedic Astrology 101

   Vedic Astrology,the astrology of India,which passed to humanity four thousand years ago,or so,is the astrology most appropriate for describing information about character.This sophisticated system cannot be described,it needs to be experianced to be comprehended.     To begin with we want to discuss the nodes of the Moon:Rahu and Ketu.Rahu,the north node of the Moon …

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Life:”I can’t go on,I must go on…”Samuel Beckett

    Many cast about for proof that they do not live in a random universe.Their faith may be hypothetical,but without a counterveiling correlative in the material realm they can get no purchase on it.Albert Einstein was looking for proof that G’d existed but before he discovered the material facts which gave himhis informed view of …

Life:”I can’t go on,I must go on…”Samuel Beckett Read More »

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