Chart Comparisons For Romance:Why Me?

Many do not know the difference between a chart comparison by a western astrologer and a chart comparison evaluation by someone like me.Let me clarify why my skills are unique.Western astrologers in the charts they use can describe such things as if someone is an:extrovert;an introvert.predict some events in their life and give superficial information… Continue reading Chart Comparisons For Romance:Why Me?

An Update On My Rain Snow Prediction

On the prediction made on Twitter,in print,that,worldwide there will excessive amounts of rain and snow worldwide for three weeks.Today,February 27,2020 a big blizzard with sixty mile an hour winds is predicted by the weather channel for the East Coast.In England they said massive flood transpired.They showed a picture of a flooded river.

My Weather Prediction Which Came True

On Twitter recently I predicted on January 15 ,2019 on Twitter that for three weeks there would be large amounts of rain or snow worldwide.This came true! There was alot of rain:especially now on February 26,2020-much flooding and a large snowstorm across the U.S.Large amounts of rainfall and a large snow blankets much of the… Continue reading My Weather Prediction Which Came True