Sometimes they may want to know if the year ahead is a good time to expand or if they should be cautious and not launch things. If you take a look at Maralyn’s Twitter you can see that Maralyn is involved with talking to people in the stock market about large patterns that are likely to occur there.

You can have assurance then in your consultation with her you will be getting a reading about your character and gifts from an astrologer who is different from her competitors and that your consultation with her will not only give you real insights about your character and gifts but will change your mindset. She will show you that your life isn’t random; that charts can be obtained from you from different astrologies that are exact in the information they contain. A consultation session with her will be a life changing event because the rules of Astrology she references are ONLY taken from the top manuscripts of the best astrologers who ever lived: Vettius Valens of ancient Greece; Parashara and Sage Jaimini of India-written four thousand years ago; William Lilly of England and others of that leval. Yours will be a consultation with real information in it. Your appointment with Maralyn will be unlike that of any other astrologers

Since Maralyn reads, at least, five different charts for every reading: two vedic charts; two predictive charts; a hellenistic chart and others applicable to you, if needed preparing for such a reading takes her many hours of preparation time. So realize that you should make your appointment with her well in advance of when you will obtain it.

It is easy to do so your consultation appointment can be set up by email or by phone.

If you want a consultation different from the cold readings have a look at her website in detail: you can have a business reading; a reading to pick the time to launch something; a reading that is just a reading of the year ahead from the lens of the different astrologies she uses or a romance reading-perhaps you want a consultation where your charts are compared to your beloved because you want to get married.

Maralyn is delighted to do custom readings on most subjects the client wants to explore.

Scheduling is easy: merely fill out the contact page or call Maralyn directly to set up an astrology character reading consultation session. You can rest assured that when you decide to schedule an astrology character reading consultation appointment, you will be treated with care and respect.

We live in a beautiful and complex world: many are looking for answers. Many wonder if the field of astrology has answers about who they are and what their best gifts might be.

Or, if they are very young and have not yet picked a profession want to know what field can give them fulfillment. Many have gone to numerous western astrologers seeking answers to these questions and many other questions but have been given lousy readings with vague assurances, instead of facts. This does not have to be. Instead of being patted on the head about their character and shined on about their gifts they could have had a ; “cold reading” from Maralyn.

Have a look at the Yelp reviews of this reading from happy clients in New York City. Some have said these readings changed their lives. You can see from this Maralyn’s work is not vague because the astrology she references in the charts she gives her clients are from four astrologies: Vedic-the astrology of India; Hellenistic-from the astrology of ancient Greece; British Horary astrology the charts cast for questions-from the manuscripts of William Lilly, the best astrologer of England in the seventeenth century.

You will see they were shocked that Maralyn read charts from these astrologies “COLD”: meaning Maralyn asked no questions from them before she did the reading: only asking them for their birth details: month, year, date of birth; exact time of birth and location of birth ahead of time but gave them an extraordinary depiction of their character and gifts without knowing a single thing about them beforehand. Hence the name; “cold reading”. They sat astonished while Maralyn gave them exact information about who they are; how they function physically; bad things that have happened to them; information on what they are best at and what to avoid; placing five charts in front of them that she reads from and giving them the astrology reading of their lives…! They have found many of the answers they seek in this appointment with her and many have said she changed their lives.

Some want to know what kind of romantic partners they are likely to have or if they have had bad relationships want to know if there is a pattern of the kind of unfulfilling partners in their charts. OR some want charts for the year ahead regarding their businesses or the corporations they run. Or they may want Maralyn to pick a time to launch their business.