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Maralyn doesn’t book appointments from a signup sheet EVER. She reserves the right to not accept any readings for whatever reason. Maralyn generally likes to speak to the client on the phone to discuss the nature of their matter,

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Appointment Policies and Disclaimers:

Maralyn spends at least four hours of preparation time for each hour of delivered time to the client. This means for an hour reading, the fee is at least three hundred dollars. For an involved reading of two hours the client will have to pay at least six hundred dollars for the eight hour preparation time. This money must be paid in advance because by the time the reading transpires the preparation time has already been expended and must be paid for.

Fees for extensive matters must be discussed and mutually agreed upon in advance. Obviously they will be more expensive. Custom readings are encouraged. If a topic is not described here feel free to broach it for a reading.

When hiring Maralyn Burstein, please understand that advice given is for entertainment purposes only and clients agree to hold Maralyn Burstein harmless. All content on this website is copyrighted and under the sole ownership of Maralyn Burstein. It is trademarked and can not be replicated or used in any way without written permission. Violators and plagiarizers will be legally pursued.