“Cold Readings”

A”cold reading”is a reading Maralyn invented where the client gives her only their:day of birth,year of birth,exact time of birth and location-nothing more.From this Maralyn reads many charts for them “cold”.Since the client knows they told her nothing else:from this Maralyn gives them a complex reading using:vedic hellenistic and western astrological charts she offers them an in depth description of what makes them tick.The reading showcases what gifts they have and is really useful when a client is unclear what profession to go into which can happen even in mid life when they need to change their life.It describes whether they are a:leader,follower,or should work alone.Many of the events in the life of the client are described.The people in their life also:their father,mother,siblings,romantic partners enemies etc.There is much inspiration available to the client from this reading.It is very popular.

Relocation Readings

Relocation readings are consults about placing the client in different locations to explain what factors in the charts are emphasized.These charts are read as if the were born there and insights given.Sometimes the client is told to relocate by their boss or sometimes they are considering a change of location for a certain reason known to them.This reading will help them judge what such a location will do to their life.Realize that different planets in their charts will be emphasized in the new location.This could be good or bad depending upon what those planets rule.This reading helps clients judge if they want to make such a  relocation.

Electional Readings:

An electional reading is a reading where Maralyn is hired to give the client the best time to start things astrologically she can come up for them within whatever time window they offer to maximize their chance of success.Many do not know such work can be done by an astrologer because astrology is in a dark ages but in previous ages such timing charts were the most important reason to have an astrologer.Kings and Queens did not start important actions until their astrologer gave them an astrological start time.For example,when Queen Elizabeth was crowned she hired her astrologer,John Dee to pick the exact time the crown was placed on her head,His chart empahasized her good traits so that she would have a more viable reign.

Rulers always had the charts of their sons or daughters looked at by the court astrologer to know what they were likely to do and the court astrologer ran the charts of potential generals to lead a military campaign for timing in the year ahead.If those charts looked troubled another general was chosen and the start times for the beginning of the campaign and each battle were described by the court astrologer to the general and the royalty involved.The superlative astrologers of those previous golden eras of astrology were well able to offer such advice.Electional timing was their most imnportant capability and they were good at it.

Picking the start time of a:founding of a company;launching an IPO,getting married;closing on a house,having an operation on a decent electional time matters.Bad charts yield a high degree of failure.To some extent the reason that such astrology was carried out in earlier times was because the astrologers of earlier times were more accomplished than those of today.

If someone has charts that show they will have difficulty being successful electional charts can’t fix things for them.In those with good charts good electional timing is a big boon.

Traumatic Events Revisited:

A reading about the exact time the client had a traumatic event befall them.The charts for that time are explicated for the client to gain insights about the event.By speaking about the astrological elements that were lit up at the time of the trauma the client can gain detachment.The astrological backdrop offers clues to why and how the event was meant to occur.

Relationship Readings:The Charts of Two Individuals Compared:

The two people compared could be of any kind:potential business partners,potential marriage partners,a comparison of one’s chart to an enemy;or the charts of someone significant in their life explored for insight-like a parent-or a child.Comparison charts are run of the:hellenistic,vedic and western variety and compared in this,in depth reading.

Consultations on Newborn Babies:or readings on Children:

Readings of the:hellenistic,vedic and western variety are gone into a compared to the parents.Usually the child will continue traits the parent and family line have,This is explained.These charts from the three astrologies are used to discuss whatever large pattern is being expressed by parents and their child-it is always there and the exact charts of the baby or child described to explain what makes them unique.Tips for talking to them and ideas for their health can also be discussed.

Vedic Astrological Readings:

Vedic charts of the client which includes  timing mechanisms occuring to give the context of their life currently and a discussion of their gifts and character.

Hellenistic Astrological Readings:

The clients hellenistic charts read for character and timing.

Western Astrological Readings:

The western astrological chart read for character and timing.This is a useful reading for the events in the client’s life.

A Horary Chart Reading:

The chart read of when a client asks a question.Many times such charts can offer an answer to the question they ask.Sometimes not.Such charts are offered for such things as:missing objects,romance matters and a myriad of other matters.
Maralyn uses them sparingly so as to not serve as a” fortune teller.”

Corporate Or Business Consultations:

The charts read for an exact time a corporation or business first began at the location it opened up in. The charts available to the client from: Vedic, Hellenistic and Western Astrology are read for the client for all matters involved in such businesses. How  are the charts of the CEO comparing to the corporation? Is the CEO going through a time of bad timing which will cause him or her to not do well in leading the company? Is the company facing a year ahead where they are, likely, to have major business losses and thus counseled to not expand at all: take no risks:spend no extraneous money? Or is a spectacular year ahead coming they should everything they have into because such a great time may not likely come for many years? All of these things and more can be described to the client.

Teams can be put together for the company that are likely to be harmonious. Relationships within the company can be gone into. Everything pertaining to business can be on the table.

Ideas can be offered about colors that are likely to be appropriate for the year ahead or large trends that are likely to be tapped into. The client is welcome to bring their own questions and matters to Maralyn for custom chart readings.

The charts of countries can be read as well: as, for example the current charts for China and Xi updated – if the client has business exposure there or charts for other countries and leaders. If the client has major exposure to stocks in European countries the charts of those countries could be discussed with the timing pertaining to them. It is up to the client to describe what they are trying to find, Maralyn can find the appropriate charts to flesh those things out.

For Attorneys:

The appearance of the jurors can be read backwards for character traits: astrological charts offer physical correlatives and Maralyn is well versed in such things which is how she is able to do this.The charts of the: start time of the trial; the charts of all the participants can be read for the lawyers of one side to aid in winning in the courtroom. Charts can be read for the judge, the opponent and the opponent’s lawyer.

Readings to help plan the best way to bring out a case can be offered from the charts of for all these players.

Readings For Headhunters:

The charts of his or her prospective candidates can be read for such traits as: are they of good character; are they CEO material or lacking in leadership ability; are they excellent team players; are they great researchers? Maralyn would be invaluable to such individuals.

Readings For Traders:

Stock market trends that are ongoing or will happen in the future can be dealt with. The year ahead can be analyzed for times when strong negative events are likely to happen or conversely strong positive trends line up to be taken advantage of. Maralyn has placed many predictions about large trends and precise events in the stock market out in print before they happened and has a good record of accuracy. These predictions were on her blog or on Twitter. She is delighted to offer her ideas about such matters to clients.

She has called the results of such matters as the: She predicted in print from a chart she ran of the time the Apple iPhone X was launched, she said it would be defective. And it proved to be so.

For more than nine years she has predicted large moves in the stock market on twitter, on her blog in print. She is well respected for this capability by traders.