Month: May 2013

Obama’s Inuagural Capability

At the time of the original inauguration,I expressed my deep skepticism about his capability to govern, based on the chart of when he took office.In astrological terms, it couldn’t have been more negative:it took place under the endarkening miasma of a solar eclipse, at 6 degrees of Aquarius,tropically:Neptune,Rahu-otherwise known as the North Node,Jupiter,the Sun amd …

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The Monetary Hammer:Explosive Negative Timings

Recently in this blog please read my prediction, written six months ago on J.P. Morgan having negative timing in mid May:we see this happened with Dimon’s board of trustees showdown and today’s news story which may be slanderous,of Bernie Madoff’s aspersions about J.P. Morgan supposedly having something to do with his criminality. I also predicted in …

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Hilary Clinton:Benghazi Issues

This astrological interpreter believes that, because of the elegant convergence of just a few salient astrological markers in the three charts of :the Benghazi attack,Barack Obama’s supposed chart,Hilary Clinton’s  chart and the  chart of the  Issa hearing ,of this Wednesday,this matter will finally receive the attention it  deserves to investigate the current administration.A Watergate scenario is …

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