The Classic Setup For A Negative Financial World Depression

The markers which normally create a negative world situation are in place now.This means all connected to central banks and world markets must be wary and careful with their actions.If things are not set up correctly crashes of markets and the economies of countries will suffer massive depredation.

Changes In The Stockmarket: An Unraveling

We will see an unraveling in the value of oil which will begin immediately and continue:the value of oil will retreat in a serious way.As well as this as the unraveling continues other stocks will unravel losing their value :tech stocks-especially those with exposure to China; bank stocks-especially stocks with exposure to China and many… Continue reading Changes In The Stockmarket: An Unraveling

My Earthquake Prediction

There have been two large earthquakes this week (Jan 16, 2021) and my earthquake prediction was accurate indeed: one January 7, 2021 Kermadec Islands, New Zealand – a 6.3 magnitude and on January 11, at the Russian Mongolian Border a 6.7 magnitude earthquake. NOT too shabby.